Top 3 Things Women Lie About

Top 3 Things Women Lie About - Single individuals cannot escape the pressures of marriage and family.  For women, it can be overwhelming.  Women, more men, believe she needs to be married with children by the certain age.  When she's not, society views her being an 'old maid.'  Yet, her counterpart is often a 'playa.'  This double standard plays in lots of women's psyche.  This simple perception of being an old maid forces lots of women to obsess about marriage.

With an obsession to identify a man, get married to, this will let you baby, a lot of women are increasingly looking towards online dating.  It is steadily holding up choice for finding love.  Ads declare that it is convenient, instant, to result in marriage.  

Although dating online seems to be a number one choice, there are various factors and warning to consider.  Statistics reveal that there are more men internet dating than women.  So, what exactly are things that women should be cautious about ?

Top 3 Things Women Lie About
Top 3 Things Women Lie About

Both people fabricate online dating sites profiles.  They select a catchy headline, the top photo, along with a killer bio.  Why do women lie into their profile?  They are trying to discover a man.  Face it; the catchy profiles have the more views.  This is what online dating sites is all about, responses.  

When a guy chooses her 'slamming' profile, what's she possibly to lie about?  The top three everything is her weight, build, and photo.  These lies are fine before the first offline meeting.  What are factors to cause these lies?  Here are a couple of thoughts:

Well, lying in an internet dating profile is a component of the game.  There must be a hook to seduce a potential date.  However, tend not to tinker the profile details excessive.  If the partnership goes offline, it might be difficult to explain the excess pounds, unshapely body, and older look.