10 with the Worst Online Dating Pickup Lines

10 with the Worst Online Dating Pickup Lines - There are almost 55 million personals in the United States and nearly 42 million ones have tried online dating services. Now, I'm no statistics guru, but that sure seems to be if 76 percent with the single population includes a profile on one or more, or even several, dating online sites. Because a lot of my friends are confident, single girls that are not afraid to look after what they already want, and still have therefore tried online dating services (having a great success rate, I might add), I asked them for input and so they eagerly sent me their worst online dating sites pickup lines.

These are true messages from real(ly) desperate men. I have only changed what they are called to protect the innocent. Although, I'm not sure these men would really care after we did actually know who they were. Oh, and I corrected typos because, frankly, I was embarrassed on their behalf and their complete slaughtering on the English language.

10 with the Worst Online Dating Pickup Lines

Don't be discouraged if perhaps you were the people receiving such disappointing (yet entertaining) messages from the internet dating pool. As I noted above, after weeding out the weirdos, a lot of my friends experienced a good success rate finding love of his life online.

I'm curious. Have you tried dating online? What were your experiences? Did you get electronically hit lets start on even worse pickup lines than the others? Let me know. I'd like to hear from you. Leave your comments below.